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What Do You Need?

Contracts & Legal Documentation

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), terms & conditions, privacy policy, service and supplier agreements, technology contracts, company formation documents, employment contracts, credit application forms etc.

Commercial & Business Law Advice

Advice on legal aspects of running your business including trading and retailing, distribution, intellectual property, competition and consumer protection, anti-spam, privacy and data protection and more.

Business Structuring & Succession

Strategic advice on structuring your business for growth, succession and exit, tax considerations, business financing and funding, investor and employee share plans and sale, mergers and acquisitions.

Employment & Work Health & Safety

Advice on employee legal entitlements and benefits, employer obligations, general protection requirements, performance reviews, restraint clauses, WHS, disputes and complaints.

Regulatory Compliance & Breaches

Compliance with industry regulations and standards including manufacturing, food and safety, product liability, technology, privacy etc, responses to audits, breaches and remediation work and more.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Advice on conflict resolution processes, preparing settlement deeds and litigation documentation, representations in NCAT, Fair Trading and court proceedings and dealing with regulators.

Why Inveiss?

Inveiss commercial and business lawyers have the necessary skills and expertise to provide customised advice to business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and small enterprises and established businesses based on your specific needs.

Whether you are looking for a specific legal document or need advice for a project, or require a legal counsel to manage your business’s ongoing and daily legal needs, our commercial and business lawyers will be able to assist you with affordable, quality and fixed-fee legal solutions.

As a dedicated commercial and business law firm, we have extensive experience providing full service advice on commercial transactions from start to finish. Our team also provide specialist advice around areas such as corporate tax structuring, contract lifecycle management, regulatory compliance requirements and more.

This end-to-end service makes us invaluable partners, whatever the scope and scale of the transaction. Inveiss’s team of expert commercial and business lawyers offer the technical skills necessary to consistently deliver proactive and effective legal outcomes for your business.

The Inveiss Advantage

Dedicated commercial and business law firm

Founder-led and commercially minded

Access to Australian consulting & legal expertise

Fast, effective and deadline focused capabilities

Affordable fixed-fee services and solutions

Bespoke, tailored solutions for your individual needs

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How Inveiss can help your business grow

Our team of commercial and business lawyers specialise in working with all types of business-related legal matters. We provide advice on how to navigate complex legal landscape, how to structure your business and how protect your business from potential risks. Our lawyers understand the various nuances of your industry and can provide the necessary guidance to minimise potential problems.

1. Preparing legal documents with a view to protect your business

Having a commercial or business lawyer is essential for any business. At Inveiss, our team is experienced in preparing and drafting all types of legal documents and have a deep commercial understanding of your business performance and industry. Having a knowledgeable lawyer is the key to the success of any business and can help your business grow while minimising risks of disputes or claims by your customers and suppliers alike.

2. Deep understanding of legal requirements

One of the most important aspects of a well-rounded commercial or business lawyer is our knowledge of the law. We are familiar with various regulations and laws that are applicable to commercial matters. This knowledge helps Inveiss provide the most cost-effective strategies to protect you and your business.

3. Ensuring regulatory compliance and dealing with regulators

Our commercial and business lawyers also understand the way different transactions are structured and interpreted, and understand how to ensure that all legal requirements are met in order to maximise the chances of a successful outcome. This allows our clients to enter into deals with the confidence that such deals are legally protected and in accordance with any applicable laws.

4. Breaking down complex business transactions

Business transactions can often be highly complex. A commercial or business lawyer can help to simplify the process by structuring agreements in a way that minimises potential problems or conflicts. Our team also provide relevant advice on potential areas of risk and what steps can be taken to prevent any potential issues.

5. Negotiating settlements and resolving disputes and claims

Inveiss’s team of commercial and business lawyers can help mediate disputes to reach a settlement. Our team can take the stress out of such settlements and can protect your interests in such negotiations with other parties.

Having a commercial or business lawyer by your side will be one of the smartest investments any business can make. Engaging an experienced lawyer to provide advice and legal representation is invaluable. It provides you with the peace of mind that all of your business transactions are legally sound and that all applicable regulations and laws are being observed. This can be the difference between success and failure of your business.