Business Succession Planning for Building Wealth & Protecting Assets

Strategic Business Succession Planning Program - your roadmap to leaving a financial legacy for your future generations

Business Succession Planning Program

Intergenerational wealth doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of a well executed plan. Business succession planning is bringing the future into the present so you can start preparing for it now.

Business succession planning is a process in which a business owner or leader develops a strategy for transferring ownership and control of the company to someone else in the event of their retirement, disability, or death. It involves identifying and preparing potential successors, creating a plan for the transfer of ownership and management, and addressing any financial, legal, and tax considerations that may arise.

The goal of business succession planning is to ensure the smooth continuation of the business and the preservation of its value, as well as the protection of the interests of all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, and family members. It is an essential aspect of long-term business planning and allows for a seamless transition of leadership while minimising potential disruptions or conflicts.

Business succession planning can also help secure the future of a company and its employees, as well as provide peace of mind for the current owner knowing the business will continue to thrive.

Why bother with a Business Succession Planning Program?

When you have a formal Business Succession Planning Program in place for your business, you’re more likely to achieve building intergenerational wealth,  protecting your assets and leaving the financial legacy you desire because we’ll help you:

  • Define your business and personal goals;
  • Identify your succession strategy (sale of your business, transfer management to the next generation family member etc);
  • Work with you to develop a proper Business Succession Planning Program for your business; and
  • Measure your progress towards your business and personal goals – whether the business succession strategy is working for you, or if you’re working for it.

What is involved in a Business Succession Planning Program?

Business Succession Plan Design

  • Your goals and values – Identify your business and personal goals;
  • Business management requirements – Identify ongoing business management requirements;
  • Successor identification – determine your business successor (who will be the ongoing owner);
  • Successor governance requirements –  determine ongoing and new operational governance requirements in light of the contemplated business succession; 
  • Strategy and implementation risks – identify risks with the business succession strategy and options for mitigating such risks;
  • Business succession strategy – determine the most appropriate business succession strategy that is tax optimal and that takes into account your goals, values, existing business management requirements, implementation risks and desired successor;
  • Business succession plan design – create a business succession plan that works for you and your business.

Business Succession Plan Implementation

  • Business succession timeline – create a realistic timeline for implementing the business succession;
  • Business succession legal structure – establish an appropriate legal structure for protecting assets and social contributions e.g. family investment company, family trust, family foundations and/or private ancillary funds;
  • Business succession governance – establish operational and governance structures which support the interests of family members, shareholders and employees;
  • Business succession transfer plan – develop a transfer plan to ensure agreed transfer of ownership is effected quickly, tax effectively and with minimal risk of legal challenges;
  • Business succession communication plan – Develop a business succession communications plan.

Business Succession Plan Review

  • Continuous review program – review and update your Business Succession Planning Program as required;
  • Next generation education – provide next generation education on the Business Succession Planning Program.

What do you get with our Inveiss Business Succession Planning Program?

Planning documentation

We will work with you to design a business succession plan that is customised to meet your business and personal goals and needs. The outcome of the design session(s) will be to provide you with a comprehensive and actionable Business Succession Plan that will focus on the following:

Legal documentation

Depending on your business succession strategy, we will prepare the necessary legal documentation that will allow you to implement the Business Succession Plan we have designed for you. Such legal documentation may include the following:

If you already have one or more documents above, we will be able to provide you with updated documents.

Status review - FREE

Our Business Succession Planning Program also comes with annual reviews free-of-charge so that you can be assured that as and when your business or personal goals and needs change, you will be able to update your Plan accordingly. As a bonus, we also provide an Education Guide for your successors.

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