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An effective legal service is critical to manage your business’s employment and workplace disputes in order to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for you, your business and your employees and workers.

Inveiss’s experience of over 25+ years in the field of commercial and business law, including managing employment and workplace claims, disputes and litigation, allows us to provide viable solutions to employment and workplace issues, and help proactively identify a range of employment related issues, from instances of wage theft and discrimination or other employer misconduct to wrongful termination and workplace safety claims.

By providing a legal outlet for disputes in the workplace, Inveiss’s employment and workplace health and safety legal services and solutions help protect you and your business, and at the same time, safeguard the safety and rights of all your employees and workers.

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Business owners and managers needing help with the ever-evolving landscape of employment law and workplace health and safety compliance requirements.

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Contractors, consultants and service providers seeking to understand their legal rights and obligations relating to their clients.

Inveiss provides comprehensive legal services related to employment and industrial relations law, Fair Work obligations, workplace health and safety rules and regulations and more. Our experienced commercial and business lawyers will help you define your rights and responsibilities under the law, and provide you with the necessary legal assistance to stand up for your rights.

We have an in-depth understanding of laws on wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, wage and hour disputes, retaliation, FWCA, employee benefits, employee share schemes or ESOPs, WHS/OHS and much more.

Our team has the skills to evaluate your case in detail, help you identify potential legal claims, negotiate with employees and unions, and advocate on your behalf in dispute resolution or court proceedings and arbitration if needed.

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An overview of employment and workplace obligations in Australia

Employers in Australia have a variety of legal obligations under Australian workplace laws. These obligations generally revolve around areas such as employment conditions, workplace safety, health and wellbeing, and pay and entitlements. It’s important for employers to familiarise themselves with these obligations as they can help ensure their workplace is safe, productive and compliant with the law.

Employment conditions

In Australia, employers must provide their employees with a safe and discrimination-free working environment. This includes providing written statements of employment, which outlines the employee’s position and duties, and outlining information such as their pay and entitlements, leave, hours of work and questions related to payment.

Employers must also comply with industry award conditions, which provide minimum wages, leave entitlements,vacation and overtime arrangements, and other workplace entitlements.

Workplace safety

Employers have a duty of care to protect the physical and psychological safety of their employees. This means they must identify health and safety risks in the workplace and take reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise them.

Employers must provide a safe work environment, with appropriate safety equipment and proper safety procedures. They must train and supervise employees on safety procedures, investigate any accidents that occur, and provide first aid facilities and apparatus.

Health and wellbeing

Employers are required to provide a healthy and safe workplace for their employees. This includes having a safe, clean and well-maintained workplace that meets the needs of the employees, and ensuring employees are able to access any medical and psychological support they may need.

Employers must also adhere to anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws. This includes adopting policies that outline acceptable behaviour in the workplace and taking action against any breaches.

Pay and entitlements

Employers must ensure their employees receive the wages, allowances and entitlements they are entitled to. This includes keeping accurate records of payments and entitlements, including leave, superannuation and any workplace bonuses or allowances.

Employers must adhere to Award conditions when it comes to wages, which means that the national minimum wage must be paid and any overtime worked must be paid at the appropriate rate. Employers must also pay the superannuation guarantee.

So what…?

In Australia, employers have a number of legal obligations to ensure their workplace is safe, productive and compliant with the law. These obligations include providing written statements of employment, abiding by industry award conditions, promoting workplace safety and health, adhering to anti-discrimination and anti-harassment regulations, and ensuring employees receive the wages and entitlements they are entitled to.

It’s therefore critical for a business understands its obligations, and for an employee or contractor to understand their rights and entitlements.