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Inveiss’s business legal advice services and solutions are provided directly by our two founders, each of whom have over 25+ years of practicing commercial and business law in Australia. We know business law.

Our team offers commercially-focused and real-world guidance and advice to individuals and companies on legal issues that may arise in their organisation’s day-to-day business environment. From ensuring that local, state and federal laws, regulations and industry codes are complied with to reviewing regulatory filings, corporate governance and other matters pertaining to the daily functioning of a business, Inveiss’s commercial and business lawyers assist businesses to manage their legal needs and requirements.

The range of business legal advice services and solutions offered by Inveiss include:

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Dedicated commercial and business law firm

Founder-led and commercially minded

Access to Australian consulting & legal expertise

Fast, effective and deadline focused capabilities

Affordable fixed-fee services and solutions

Bespoke, tailored solutions for your individual needs

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Why businesses must manage their legal risks with proper business legal advice

Legally compliant businesses are likely to save time, money and stress in the long run. A business’s legal compliance does not only safeguard its rights and interests in potential disputes but also assists in managing legal risks. Preventing non-compliance allows a business to avoid hefty fines, penalties, unwanted media attention, damage to reputation and ultimately, the unravelling of a business.

It is important to focus on managing legal risks throughout the lifecycle of the business. Inveiss helps businesses to be aware of legal issues and to proactively plan to manage their legal obligations. This means conducting comprehensive, timely assessments to identify the laws that are applicable to your business and providing the advice that is necessary to ensure that your business maintains compliance.

Our commercial and business legal advisors will be able to review proposed business plans, investment or financing transactions, advise on the scope of contract obligations and implications of a particular action, and represent your business in negotiations and audits.

Having the right legal advice in place can also assist a business in keeping up with regulatory changes. This ensures that your business does not miss out on new opportunities or be caught unaware by amendments to the law. Inveiss partners with our clients to provide important legal support should our clients’ business end up facing a dispute or legal claims, such as advice in relation to the operation of contracts or strategies for dealing with the dispute.

Having our lawyers on call also means that we are able to identify and address any legal risks that might arise in the future, while also ensuring that the business is up-to-date with the introduction of new legislation. You have access to specialist business legal advice as and when needed ensuring that your business legal obligations are met.

Overall, businesses should understand the need for proper management of legal risks and the importance of having sound legal advice. Our affordable business legal services and solutions allow our clients to manage their legal needs without a significant cost burden. Proper business legal advice is essential to ensure that a business meets its current and future legal obligations, and ultimately, to ensure its long-term sustainability.