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Why bother with Strategic Business Structuring & Succession Planning?

Business structure planning is the process of developing and implementing an asset protection and tax strategy to ensure that your assets and investments are safe and you don’t pay too much tax as your business grows and develops. It involves analysing the internal and external environments of the business, understanding your business and personal priorities, discussing with you your intentions for growing the business and creating strategies and goals and setting plans to achieve these goals.

Business succession planning is a process of ensuring that the ownership and management of a business are passed on in an orderly and successful fashion. Business succession planning is part of an overall business continuity plan that creates a framework to ensure the continued success and vitality of a company in light of a change in ownership and/or leadership. Through a comprehensive plan of action, it accounts for any financial costs, legal issues, and personal considerations involved in the process of transferring a business to a new owner.

Inveiss' Strategic Business Structuring & Succession Planning services will help you:

Who is the Strategic Business Structuring & Succession Planning service for?

Founders and Co-Founders

We help founders and co-founders set up appropriate business structures from the get go, together with preparing appropriate legal documentation for founders setting out each founder's rights and obligations for the business and in respect of each other.

Business Owners

Established business owners who are seeking to build their business to the next level of growth need to ensure a proper business structuring and succession plan is in place prior to doing so.

Business Investors

Business investors who make direct investments in start ups on a long term basis need to ensure appropriate structures for their investments to minimise tax and create structure longevity.

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How Inveiss can help with Strategic Business Structuring & Succession Planning

Having a Strategic Business Structuring & Succession Plan is an important and perhaps overlooked element of running a successful business. With years of experience advising founders, co-founders, business owners, partners and investors, Inveiss an invaluable resource for on-point, realistic and relevant advice when it comes to setting up and managing both the business structure planning and business succession planning requirements for our clients.

Business structure planning and business succession planning can be complex and time consuming processes for business owners. Therefore, it is vital to seek expert advice from qualified professionals to ensure that all strategies are properly and legally implemented. At Inveiss, we achieve optimal results for our clients in these important matters.

Our Strategic Business Structuring & Succession Planning services can benefit business owners of businesses of all sizes and all stage of their business growth and development.

The services are for any founder, co-founder, business owner or investor who is interested in protecting their assets and ensuring they have a proper exit strategy through effective structuring and succession planning.

At the end of the day, working with Inveiss to plan the structure of your business and to make sure that an exit strategy has been considered appropriately is critical to the future success of both the business owner and the business. With the help of our expert team of commercial and business lawyers, business owners can be better prepared to make the right decisions that result in the best outcomes.